Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ABC Quiet Book Page Ideas

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I have recently joined an ABC quiet book exchange. We each make only 4 letters but multiple pages of the same letters, mail them out to everyone in the group, and wait to receive the other letters. Then once we have all 26 letters we will sew our completed ABC books together. Here are the ones I am working on:

H is for House.

Inside the windows of the house:
Hammer, Hot (sun), Hat, and Heart

F is for Flower. The petals can come off and the little lady bugs move around

A is for Abacus. The beads move

F is for Fish. The first snap on and off

N is for Nest. The owls can go in and out of the eggs.

I joined two groups so I have 3 more letter pages to go. L is for Ladybug, T is for Train, and U is for Umbrella. I will add them to this as I finish them. And a photo of the finished book. I am really excited for this. I hope Liana enjoys it for years to come.

These are a few of my favorite things: July's List

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Some of my favorites this month. Reduce, reduce and recycling ideas!

My mint with their new labels.
1. Wine Cork Plant Labels
I have been trying to get my herb/strawberry garden going and I saw these labels on pinterest. So cut and super easy to make. I had tons of chop sticks from my many times eating sushi. I screwed the chopstick into the wine cork and used a sharpie to write the name of the plant on it. I love it. Even did it with my indoor plants.

2. Jug turned dust pan
photo by Ciracoacriativos
 The photo pretty much shows you everything you need to know. So cool.

photo by Craft Stylish
3. Fabric Scrap bowl (or carpet) by Craft Stylish
I like this idea but I think it would be awesome to make it a throw rug instead of a bowl. I have tons of scrap fabric.

4. Wine cork door mat
photo by Sarahracha
I like this idea because I have tons of wine corks from working at a restaurant. This particular one is being sold on etsy for $120 but I think we could make our own with little hook screws. If we get the wine corks for free, the hook screws for probably be under $20. Not bad for an awesome homemade floor mat. Might work well in the bathroom too.

Took be 30 minutes to paint all these jars
5. Old jar makeover
I have seen painted jars a lot and what I thought they were missing was the natural shine of the glass. That's why I was super excited when I saw on pinterest someone painted the inside of the jar. It shows threw but leaves the shine. I wanted to try it. I gathered up a bunch of old jars and dumped some paint inside. Rolled it around until every part was covered with paint. Set it upside down on newspaper to dry and drip out the excess paint. They turned out great and were super simple. I bought some big plastic flowers at the thirftstore and placed them inside each jar (one in each). They are now sitting on top of our entertainment center. I love it.

6. Canning Lid Creation
I took images I found online and printed them so they would fit on the inside and outside of a wide wouth canning lid. Them I used Mod Podge to paint them on. Each lid has a number (with images) on one side and a short distription on the other. Example: Day 7: God Rested. This will be something fun to entertain Liana while in church. I hope.

8. Felt Scrap ABC's and 123's
I have tons of felt scraps from all the felt I use for the busy bag exchange, I don't want to just toss them out so I tried to think of some use for them. I ended up making a set of ABC's and 123's for Liana. I cut out two of each letter/number and sewed them together. This makes them a little stronger. It was a little time consuming cutting everything out, but I liked the result.

Well it's a short list this month. But you'll see in my next couple of posts that I am busy making ABC quiet books. What's an ABC quiet book you ask? Stay tuned.