Friday, June 28, 2013

Quick confession

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Finally have a baby old enough to use the high chair holder I made him. Such a cute, simple and lovely homemade item. Check out the directions: MadeByMarzipan

So here's how it turned out. I can't believe this photo is over 6 months old now. My baby turned one last Saturday! Its hard to imagine that this wonderful little guy is already 1. 
We have a quite an adventure and as you can see by my lack of blog post, both my kids have kept me quite busy. The biggest change since my last post is that we moved from our lovely mountain town in California to a college town. Which I love even more than the mountain. We have decided to answer the call into seminary and my husband is attended a seminary here in the city. 
I may someday need to get a "real" job but for now I am happy playing with my kids and crafting. Here's some photos of some of my latest crafts. And if this makes you want more check out my facebook group WherePigsFly

My daughter was given a American girl type doll for Christmas from her grandma. This inspired me to make her matching outfits. The first one I made was too small so "Pom" the baby doll scored a matching dress and pants too. 

I was thrilled to be involved as a recent pattern tester for my friend over at EverythingYourMamaMade&More. Her pattern, Riley's Nightgown and Sleep shirt,  turned out to be super simple to make and so diverse. I made a matching set for my kids and I up-cycled my husbands old long sleeve t shirt into a great pajama set for my son. You can purchase this pattern here: Riley's Pattern

Lately I have really enjoyed making bento box lunches for my daughter. We spend most of our days walking, playing at the park, and reading at the library. I love living in a city! So much to do. We are rarely home, so I pack a lot of lunches. And bento boxes bring a little excitement to an otherwise normal lunch. 

Since we are out and about so much, I needed to make my son a larger changing pad since he has long since our grown the one I made him back in February of last year. I made it out of leftover PUL fabric and old burp rags. I'm thinking I might end up making a bunch of these to sell on etsy. 

I hope you have been having a wonderful year thus far. We sure are. I'll be back next week with a blog post I'm really excited about. Here's a sneak peak:

Check back on Tuesday, but don't forget to kick off those shoes first. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

45 days of no shopping:week 5

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B- breakfast frozen burrito 
L- leftover rice dinner
D- bible study- tacos
Snacks- apples, popsicles, apple sauce, crackers

B- cereal with milk
L- sandwiches homemade bread, homemade cream cheese and lunch meat
D- freezer meal Mac and cheese
Snacks- crackers, cereal, and oatmeal

B- oatmeal and raisins
L- leftover Mac and cheese
D- dinner at friends: pizza
Snacks: oranges, crackers, oatmeal

B- cereal
L- sandwiches
D- chili from freezer
Snacks: egg, apple sauce

B- freezer waffles
L- egg salad sand which
D- chicken, rice and broccoli
Snack- oranges, popsicles, applesauce

B-cereal and milk
L- salad at a friends
D- fundraiser-tacos
Snacks- apple chips, crackers, and popsicles

B- breakfast burritos
L-pb and j
D- dinner at a friends- lasagna 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

45 days of no shopping: week 4

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This week we were given some much needed things from some awesome friends. s gave us a bunch of zucchini leftover from her restaurant, 2 sweet potatoes, and a few bananas. We were also given crackers, chips, and other snack foods from a friend who was moving. And strawberries from another friend. I did cave and buy butter, oil, and a few things I needed to make a friend a caring meal. I turned 2 gallons of milk into cheese and 1 more into yogurt. Fridge and freezer still pretty full. But having to be pretty creative with my husbands packed lunches.

B-freezer breakfast burritos 
L- pb and j with homemade bread
D-freezer meal: enchilada 
Snacks frozen blueberries, homemade popsicles 

B-yogurt, raisins, strawberries
L-breakfast burrito 
D-leftover enchilada 
Snacks- popsicles, crackers, tortilla, apples

B-freezer burritos
D-freezer meal: chicken broccoli Alfredo, mashed potato
Snacks- banana bread, 

B- oatmeal, strawberries (thanks to a friend) milk and raisins 
L- slow cooker seasoned bean and tomato soup 
D- freezer meal: enchilada casserole 
Snacks- home canned peaches, crackers and hummus (thanks to S), and popcorn 

B- homemade freezer waffles, homemade yogurt and strawberries
L- homemade chili and cornbread
D- spaghetti and hotdogs (at S's house)
Snacks- eggs, crackers, strawberries, baby carrots

B- cereal and milk
L- homemade pioneer cheese on tortilla with strawberries
D- arroz con chili
Snacks- eggs, cereal, froze, applesauce

B- homemade doughnuts
L- chili and corn bread
D- rice with zucchini (from S)
Snacks- eggs, crackers and cheese, carrots 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

45 days of no shopping week 3

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Almost at the half way point and my freezer is somehow still super full.

B- at Audie's- waffles, bacon and juice
L- w/collage guy, fat apple- sandwiches
D- packed with us- chicken sausage, cheese and tortillas
Snacks- rice cakes, peas and corn, pineapple 

B-mops breakfast- quiche ham and mush (I brought), yogurt apple bread, oranges, and hot chocolate 
L-coconut shrimp from a friend, rise with seaweed. 
D-monapua from S, rice and seaweed, and peas and corn
Snacks- oranges, almonds 

B- cereal and milk
L- freezer meal: chicken enchilada
D- rice, seaweed, peas and corn, chicken sausage 
Snack- oranges, tortilla toasted, went to a party in the evening with appetizers

B- egg bake, eggs, cheese, potato from S's garden, ham from Easter breakfast
L-alchemy pasta, salad, and bread thanks to S. 
D- pancakes, grilled cheese

B- egg bake
L-pb&j and milk
D-freezer meal lasagna (before 4)
D- juiced- chard, cilantro, spinach, apple and grape juice (after 4)
Snack- nuts dried fruit, toast, cereal, oranges

Note: we are fasting from 4pm 4/19- 4pm 4/20 So the food I list during this time was just for our toddler. 

B-cereal with milk (for liana), juiced: Pom, yogurt, chard, cilantro, grape, cranberry, and spinach
L-cheese sandwich, egg, orange (for liana), juiced (same as lunch on 4/19)
L- leftover lasagna (after 4)
D- spaghetti with cheese and butter, ribeye, peas and corn, milk, no bake peanut butter cookie
Snack: Popsicle, oranges, crackers, cheese, toast and butter. 

B- leftover egg bake
L-leftovers from yesterday's dinner
D-freezer meal enchilada, milk and peanut butter no bake cookie
Snack- egg, nuts, orange, fruit, popcorn, homemade Popsicle

Happy barefoot saving!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

45 days of no shopping: week 2

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The no shopping fast continues with week 2. To add some excitement into the mix, we went away this past weekend. Luckily we caked lunches ahead of time and were staying with family.

B- potatoes and eggs (from S's garden and another friends chickens)
L- grilled cheese and milk
D- friends house, ribs, beans, and slaw
Snack- rice cakes, pineapple

B- cereal and milk
L- beans and rice
D- freezer meal: meatloaf
Snacks- pear, popcorn

B- breakfast burrito
L- leftover meatloaf
D- freezer meal: lasagna 
Snack- frozen applesauce, eggs, cheese.

B-cereal with homemade yogurt and honey
L- leftover meatloaf 
D-Mac and cheese freezer meal, with peas and corn, dessert: blonde brownies and milk
Smack: apple, homemade bread with honey and butter, egg, Annie's bunny crackers, raisins, pistachios

B-waffles, yogurt, honey and banana
L-Leftover mac & cheese, Milk
D-rice, seaweed, and soy sauce, broccoli. Blondie
Snacks-Apple, Yogurt and honey, Rice cake

B-frozen meal - breakfast burritos
L-at aunt Candy's- chicken wraps and burritos
D-@ Candy's- chicken, asparagus, salad and peppers, ice cream
Snacks- rice cakes, oranges, cheese, blondes and pop 

B-homemade yogurt and cereal
L-Cocos with grandparents- eggs, muffin, sausage, fruit
D-@ aunt Audie's- prime rib, spinach, Mac and cheese, brownies 
Snacks-Costco samples, pupus at aunt Audie's (carrots, crackers, oranges, celery, chips

Week 2 finished. We ended up going to Costco and not buying a single thing of food! i was SO tempted! We did end up buying some ice cream for dessert at my aunts house, it was the least  we could do. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

45 days of no shopping: week 1

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my husband said we spend too much money on groceries. I smelt a challenge. So we are going to try make it 45 days without grocery shopping. This not only will save us tons of money but will also force me to be more creative with the stuff we already have. Which is a lot. I spent the last week of march to take a quick inventory of our pantry, cabinets, freezer and fridge.  I have about 12 lbs of dried beans alone. So yeah, we shouldn't starve or anything. I have tons of freezer meals and meals in a jar from when I was preparing for baby. And lots of home canned goodies. Also we shop at Costco, so I have 25 lb bags of flour, sugar, salt etc.
I thought if we are going to do this I should at least keep track of what we are eating. And I decided to share it invade it inspires you to do the same. If nothing else it will be a great way to clean out the freezer and pantry. Or if your moving, to prepare you for the move. 
So here we go:

Week 1

Breakfast: oatmeal, milk and raisins
Lunch: leftovers from an amazing Easter dinner at a friends house
Dinner: freezer meal Mac and cheese
Snacks: crackers, rice cakes, oranges and fruit salad

B- mops breakfast of yogurt, bean brownies and quiche and persimmon bread that I brought.
L- ox tail soup leftover from Easter and chips
D- went to a friends house for dinner ( she will be brought up a lot, I'll call her S). We ate rice, chicken and chard.
Note: She ended up giving us tons of chard and potatoes from her garden
Snacks: crackers, rice cakes, apple, milk and fruit salad

B- ham, eggs, waffles and milk
L- tuna cheddar melt and pickles
D- steak from freezer, Swiss chard and freezer meal: enchilada casserole. With milk and German chocolate cake
Snack: chips and salsa, crackers, nuts, oranges and frozen fruit
Note: it was my husbands birthday so we ate good! And I made 20 extra waffles for the freezer. Also our church gave us all the extra ham, eggs, and milk from Easter breakfast. Score!

B- oatmeal, milk and raisins
L- bean rice and cheese burritos, juice, fish soup (leftover from Easter)
D- enchilada casserole and Swiss chard
Snacks: pineapple, pear, hard boiled eggs, apple sauce and fruit snacks

B- cereal and milk
L- tortilla, cheese, persimmon bread, sandwich from S
D- fundraiser: spaghetti, salad, roll, cookie $30 for the family
Snacks: crackers, fruit snacks, pineapple, pears, sunflower seeds, pop corn

B- cereal and milk
L- tuna sandwich on homemade bread, cheese sandwich on homemade bread, cookie left over from fundraiser, walnuts, and dried fruit.
D- freezer meal, she'll pasta with beef, beet greens from S's garden, BBQ beans with pork, milk
Snacks: crackers, pineapple, walnuts, and dried fruit

B-Cereal and milk
L- grilled cheese and chocolate chip muffins
D- dinner at a friends: ribs, slaw, and beans

Well we made it a week thus far with no problem. The key is to get invited over for dinner!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Confession #40: Babies take all your time

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Well you haven't heard from me in a while (Almost 2 months) but I have a good reason (see photo below). Yep, that's right, I had a baby. Cameron is pretty darn cute right? He was born healthy and happy one day before his due date. Such a blessing. And a fast one at that. He came into the world less than an hour after we checked into the birth center. Woohoo!
Anyway, he has been taken up all my time. Well him and his big sister. Who loves him dearly. But I did get a lot of crafting done before the baby and a little after. Here are some photos of what I have been up to other than parenting. Hopefully this will spark some barefoot crafting of your own.
Our beautiful son
Cloth stackable name boxes. Made a set for both kids
Stackable name boxes
Eggs made of string

One of many cloth diapers
Stroller cup holder

Changing pad for on the go

Baby wearing cover

Doll carrier
Family activity jar

A dress for Liana

Easter baskets for the kids

An apron for Liana

Baby crinkle toy

Tons of bibs

Activity mat
Little stuffed Totoros
Car seat blanket
Another Liana dress

Car seat cover

There's more but I don't to bore you, just yet. Hope you had a wonderful Winter. Welcome to Spring!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Confession #39: I'm a food hoarder, and darn proud of it!

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Remember last month when I blogged about meals in a jar? You don't? Well click here to refresh your memory. Well in preparation for our new arrival I have been busy in the kitchen (with the "help" of my two year old) making freezer meals. Hoping this will make our world a little easier come February.
I used Pinterest (surprise surprise) to get most of the recipes. A few I snagged from a simple google search (but pinned them later). It took me three evenings, worth every minute of it.
Planning is key. I made an exact list (down to the teaspoon) of everything I needed and I bought disposable baking pans from the dollar store. I didn't want to come home and realize I forgot eggs or something.
Here's my menu:
*Note since we are a family of three, I put all my meals in 8 x 8 containers so that each recipe turned into two smaller meals.

1. Meatloaf  This recipe says it makes one loaf, but I found that if you add a little more of the cheese mixture (like 1 1/2 x the amount) you can get two loafs out of it.

2. No Bake Mac and Cheese.

3. Chicken Enchilada I used regular green enchilada sauce because that's what I had on hand. I also doubled this recipes to make 4 meals.

4. Enchilada Casserole This smelt SO good while I was making it. Glad I doubled it! I used ground turkey and not beef.

5. Chicken Roll Ups 

6. Chicken Broccoli Alfredo I doubled this too and we ended up eating one of them that evening. My family loved it.

7. Lasagna Doubled the recipe and used ground turkey instead of beef

8. Mexican Stuffed Shells- doubled this recipe and we ate one that night. Glad I doubled it, they were super good!

9. Breakfast burritos- This recipe is my own. Burritos don't really need a recipe. But if you must. Here it is:
16 large flour tortillas
12 eggs (scrambled)
2 lbs breakfast sausage (I used turkey instead of pork)
1 cup cheddar cheese
1 cup  jack cheese
1 8 oz container of  mushrooms, sliced
1 8 oz container of spinach
1/2 onion, chopped
1 16 oz jar of salsa (bonus: I got to used my homemade salsa!)
2 cloves minced garlic
any seasoning you want

Brown sausage with onion and garlic. Add mushrooms. Then spinach and any seasoning you want to use.

Next all you do it put a little of everything in each tortilla, roll up, wrap in tinfoil and label.

Now for a little dessert:

10. Coconut banana bread I used regular milk instead of coconut because that's what I had. And unsweetened coconut. It turned our awesome. For me this recipe made 6 mini loaves and one large loaf.

11. Greek Yogurt Strawberry banana bread I used my homemade crockpot yogurt. For me this recipe made 6 mini loaves and 3 muffins (Liana and I ate the muffins right away!)

So there you have it. 16 meals (two of which went right to our table), 16 breakfast burritos, 12 mini loaves of bread, plus 1 large one. All totaling under $140. That's about $6 a meal (counting 2 burritos as one meal). And that doesn't include the bread. Not too shabby!

I have other stuff in my freezer too. Lots of pumpkin and persimmon puree, frozen veggies and fruit leftover from this summer. And LOTS of ground flax seed and yeast! Can't have enough of that. lol. I did wear shoes while at the store, but took them off while cooking!

The end result:

My happy freezer
I only have one more project to go and I am all ready for this baby. I am waiting on some organic bamboo fabric to come in the mail and then I will be re purposing Liana's cloth diaper liners for the new kid. Organization and preparation make this barefoot and pregnant girl a happy camper!