Tuesday, April 16, 2013

45 days of no shopping: week 2

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The no shopping fast continues with week 2. To add some excitement into the mix, we went away this past weekend. Luckily we caked lunches ahead of time and were staying with family.

B- potatoes and eggs (from S's garden and another friends chickens)
L- grilled cheese and milk
D- friends house, ribs, beans, and slaw
Snack- rice cakes, pineapple

B- cereal and milk
L- beans and rice
D- freezer meal: meatloaf
Snacks- pear, popcorn

B- breakfast burrito
L- leftover meatloaf
D- freezer meal: lasagna 
Snack- frozen applesauce, eggs, cheese.

B-cereal with homemade yogurt and honey
L- leftover meatloaf 
D-Mac and cheese freezer meal, with peas and corn, dessert: blonde brownies and milk
Smack: apple, homemade bread with honey and butter, egg, Annie's bunny crackers, raisins, pistachios

B-waffles, yogurt, honey and banana
L-Leftover mac & cheese, Milk
D-rice, seaweed, and soy sauce, broccoli. Blondie
Snacks-Apple, Yogurt and honey, Rice cake

B-frozen meal - breakfast burritos
L-at aunt Candy's- chicken wraps and burritos
D-@ Candy's- chicken, asparagus, salad and peppers, ice cream
Snacks- rice cakes, oranges, cheese, blondes and pop 

B-homemade yogurt and cereal
L-Cocos with grandparents- eggs, muffin, sausage, fruit
D-@ aunt Audie's- prime rib, spinach, Mac and cheese, brownies 
Snacks-Costco samples, pupus at aunt Audie's (carrots, crackers, oranges, celery, chips

Week 2 finished. We ended up going to Costco and not buying a single thing of food! i was SO tempted! We did end up buying some ice cream for dessert at my aunts house, it was the least  we could do. 

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