Tuesday, April 30, 2013

45 days of no shopping: week 4

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This week we were given some much needed things from some awesome friends. s gave us a bunch of zucchini leftover from her restaurant, 2 sweet potatoes, and a few bananas. We were also given crackers, chips, and other snack foods from a friend who was moving. And strawberries from another friend. I did cave and buy butter, oil, and a few things I needed to make a friend a caring meal. I turned 2 gallons of milk into cheese and 1 more into yogurt. Fridge and freezer still pretty full. But having to be pretty creative with my husbands packed lunches.

B-freezer breakfast burritos 
L- pb and j with homemade bread
D-freezer meal: enchilada 
Snacks frozen blueberries, homemade popsicles 

B-yogurt, raisins, strawberries
L-breakfast burrito 
D-leftover enchilada 
Snacks- popsicles, crackers, tortilla, apples

B-freezer burritos
D-freezer meal: chicken broccoli Alfredo, mashed potato
Snacks- banana bread, 

B- oatmeal, strawberries (thanks to a friend) milk and raisins 
L- slow cooker seasoned bean and tomato soup 
D- freezer meal: enchilada casserole 
Snacks- home canned peaches, crackers and hummus (thanks to S), and popcorn 

B- homemade freezer waffles, homemade yogurt and strawberries
L- homemade chili and cornbread
D- spaghetti and hotdogs (at S's house)
Snacks- eggs, crackers, strawberries, baby carrots

B- cereal and milk
L- homemade pioneer cheese on tortilla with strawberries
D- arroz con chili
Snacks- eggs, cereal, froze, applesauce

B- homemade doughnuts
L- chili and corn bread
D- rice with zucchini (from S)
Snacks- eggs, crackers and cheese, carrots 

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