Sunday, April 21, 2013

45 days of no shopping week 3

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Almost at the half way point and my freezer is somehow still super full.

B- at Audie's- waffles, bacon and juice
L- w/collage guy, fat apple- sandwiches
D- packed with us- chicken sausage, cheese and tortillas
Snacks- rice cakes, peas and corn, pineapple 

B-mops breakfast- quiche ham and mush (I brought), yogurt apple bread, oranges, and hot chocolate 
L-coconut shrimp from a friend, rise with seaweed. 
D-monapua from S, rice and seaweed, and peas and corn
Snacks- oranges, almonds 

B- cereal and milk
L- freezer meal: chicken enchilada
D- rice, seaweed, peas and corn, chicken sausage 
Snack- oranges, tortilla toasted, went to a party in the evening with appetizers

B- egg bake, eggs, cheese, potato from S's garden, ham from Easter breakfast
L-alchemy pasta, salad, and bread thanks to S. 
D- pancakes, grilled cheese

B- egg bake
L-pb&j and milk
D-freezer meal lasagna (before 4)
D- juiced- chard, cilantro, spinach, apple and grape juice (after 4)
Snack- nuts dried fruit, toast, cereal, oranges

Note: we are fasting from 4pm 4/19- 4pm 4/20 So the food I list during this time was just for our toddler. 

B-cereal with milk (for liana), juiced: Pom, yogurt, chard, cilantro, grape, cranberry, and spinach
L-cheese sandwich, egg, orange (for liana), juiced (same as lunch on 4/19)
L- leftover lasagna (after 4)
D- spaghetti with cheese and butter, ribeye, peas and corn, milk, no bake peanut butter cookie
Snack: Popsicle, oranges, crackers, cheese, toast and butter. 

B- leftover egg bake
L-leftovers from yesterday's dinner
D-freezer meal enchilada, milk and peanut butter no bake cookie
Snack- egg, nuts, orange, fruit, popcorn, homemade Popsicle

Happy barefoot saving!

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