Friday, June 28, 2013

Quick confession

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Finally have a baby old enough to use the high chair holder I made him. Such a cute, simple and lovely homemade item. Check out the directions: MadeByMarzipan

So here's how it turned out. I can't believe this photo is over 6 months old now. My baby turned one last Saturday! Its hard to imagine that this wonderful little guy is already 1. 
We have a quite an adventure and as you can see by my lack of blog post, both my kids have kept me quite busy. The biggest change since my last post is that we moved from our lovely mountain town in California to a college town. Which I love even more than the mountain. We have decided to answer the call into seminary and my husband is attended a seminary here in the city. 
I may someday need to get a "real" job but for now I am happy playing with my kids and crafting. Here's some photos of some of my latest crafts. And if this makes you want more check out my facebook group WherePigsFly

My daughter was given a American girl type doll for Christmas from her grandma. This inspired me to make her matching outfits. The first one I made was too small so "Pom" the baby doll scored a matching dress and pants too. 

I was thrilled to be involved as a recent pattern tester for my friend over at EverythingYourMamaMade&More. Her pattern, Riley's Nightgown and Sleep shirt,  turned out to be super simple to make and so diverse. I made a matching set for my kids and I up-cycled my husbands old long sleeve t shirt into a great pajama set for my son. You can purchase this pattern here: Riley's Pattern

Lately I have really enjoyed making bento box lunches for my daughter. We spend most of our days walking, playing at the park, and reading at the library. I love living in a city! So much to do. We are rarely home, so I pack a lot of lunches. And bento boxes bring a little excitement to an otherwise normal lunch. 

Since we are out and about so much, I needed to make my son a larger changing pad since he has long since our grown the one I made him back in February of last year. I made it out of leftover PUL fabric and old burp rags. I'm thinking I might end up making a bunch of these to sell on etsy. 

I hope you have been having a wonderful year thus far. We sure are. I'll be back next week with a blog post I'm really excited about. Here's a sneak peak:

Check back on Tuesday, but don't forget to kick off those shoes first.