Thursday, December 29, 2011

Confession #5: Homemade yogurt in your sleep

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You want a homemade breakfast that is truly homemade?
Well, you better said yes, otherwise just close this window now!
Making yogurt is much more simpler than you would first think. If you have a slow cooker, 8 cups of whole milk, and 1/2 cup store bought yogurt...well, you can make yogurt. I followed this recipe:

And what's better with yogurt than homemade granola? Pretty much nothing. So here is my favorite recipe for pumpkin granola.
But I take it a step further and roast my own pumpkin, puree the pulp and roast the seeds. This way my granola is a little more homemade. You could even make your own cranzins, but that would be just showing off.

 Add some fruit of your choice and enjoy! Yum!
And since you are making your own yogurt you might want to go ahead and make your own vanilla extract so you can flavor that yogurt. I went ahead and did vanilla, orange, lemon, peppermint, and almond. It seriously will take you five minutes. Just buy the biggest container of vodka Costco will sell you! I think that I might use these as gifts next year so the little baby food jars are going to be perfect!
Check out sbcannings website for extract recipes

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