Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Confession #3: You don't need to buy a fancy card holder.

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Well, I took down my Christmas decorations today (I know, it's only the 28th) and I decided to share with you my frugal way of displaying our Christmas cards with year.

 As you can see all I did was take a piece of ribbon and nail each end across my door frame (it would also look good above the fireplace). I took the clothes pins that I am not using right now because it's too cold to line dry in the winter and pinned up the cards. It took like 5 minutes.

As I was taking the cards down I realized that I could keep the ribbon up all year and replace the cards with family photos. I think that I might move it to a different spot in my house. But you get the idea. As aways, no shoes required. Enjoy!

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