Thursday, December 29, 2011

Confession #4: I haven't bought paper towels in over a year

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Do you have any old t-shirts lying around? Than you are ten minutes away from a cloth t-shirt rag.
Save your money, a tree and the landfill with these pretty much free tee rags.
 Ok, take a t-shirt and cut off the top all the way across, starting at the armpit. This will leave you with a tube.
 I went ahead and cut a whole bunch of t-shirts. So this way I can sew them all at the same time.
 Make sure your tee is inside out when you sew it. Unless you want a outside out look.
 Sew the bottom of your shirt leaving about 5 inches on one end. And  skip the next 3 inches and sew the last 2 inches closed. (see photo below). This gap is where you will pull your shirt right side out. I like to not leave a corner with a whole because I find it easier to sew if you leave a straight edge open.
 Make sure you back stitch so it wont fall apart when you flip it. So ahead and sew the other side all the way. Now slip it right side out. Use a chop stick to push the corners all the way out.
Now just sew the opening shut. Since this is a rag it doesn't really matter if it is perfect looking or not. But if you want a "pretty" look, you can sew all the way around the rag so that this little stitch wont stand out. But I didn't bother this time around.

 Guess what? Your done!
 I did nine rags in under an hour. And even though it may seem weird to sew without shoes, you can!

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