Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Confession #1: Timing is everything

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So if you know me than you know that I like, no love, crafts. I see something at the store, and instead of wanting to buy it, I instead take a closer look and see if I can make it. So this is the start of me sharing what I love and how I do it. A lot of my ideas come from my head, stores, other peoples blogs, or just images I see online. And if you know me than you know my daughter, Liana, a 14 month old, rather energetic toddler who likes to take up most of my time. So most of these crafts and recipes are done during in the morning (when Liana is the most independent), at nap time, or in the evening after Liana goes to bed. This is my latest nap time creation. It took me two afternoons. well worth it because Liana played with it long enough for me to cook dinner, make yogurt, granola and bread (more on that to come).
So thank you for checking out my new blog. And I hope that you get inspired to create something yourself. But always remember, that shoes are not required.

How to make your own wall hanging:
This ABC wall hanging was made with 100% recycled felt. I cut out a large piece of green (but you can use whatever color you wish) felt (note: buying felt by the yard is cheaper). You want to cut it out so that it is twice as big as you would like it because you are going to fold the whole thing in half. I than cut our 26
2 x 2 1/2 rectangles (again which ever colors you would like). I chose black for the letters only because I wanted my daughter to be able to see them well. And I machine sewed all the letters onto the rectangles. Than I sewed the rectangles to the large felt sheet, making sure the top is left open. I folded the large sheet in half and made bias tape out of blue felt strips to give the whole thing a crisp clean look. I already had all the shapes but you could make your own. I am working on making some for an advent calender (more on this coming soon).
I didn't think about it until now that it would have been a good idea to do something on the back side of the hanging. Maybe felt tic tac toe or numbers. Oh, well there's always next time.

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  1. I have always loved those ABC pocket charts, and yours turned out so well.
    I blog too over at The Sierra Home Companion, however I do not write as often as I should.