Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ABC Quiet Book Page Ideas

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I have recently joined an ABC quiet book exchange. We each make only 4 letters but multiple pages of the same letters, mail them out to everyone in the group, and wait to receive the other letters. Then once we have all 26 letters we will sew our completed ABC books together. Here are the ones I am working on:

H is for House.

Inside the windows of the house:
Hammer, Hot (sun), Hat, and Heart

F is for Flower. The petals can come off and the little lady bugs move around

A is for Abacus. The beads move

F is for Fish. The first snap on and off

N is for Nest. The owls can go in and out of the eggs.

I joined two groups so I have 3 more letter pages to go. L is for Ladybug, T is for Train, and U is for Umbrella. I will add them to this as I finish them. And a photo of the finished book. I am really excited for this. I hope Liana enjoys it for years to come.

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