Sunday, August 5, 2012

Confession #28: No-Sew Plastic Tub Makeover

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The plastic tubs

No-Sew Plastic Tub Makeover

I have this set of plastic tubs that my old church handed down to us, they are really handy and I have enjoyed them alot. But I thought they needed a makeover. So I decided to cover them with different fabric (most of which where pillow cases I picked up at a local flee market) and line them with felt.

Just need to be lined.
First I traced the tub onto the fabric (right side down). I had two different tub sizes so I measured the two sizes and cut out 3 large and 5 small out of different fabric. I wrapped the outside of the tub like a present. Then used a hot glue gun to stick the fabric to the plastic tub. Making sure to smooth out the fabric and pull it tight.

Finished! Just need to put them back on their rack.

I picked out corresponding felt for each box. Then measured the felt for both size tubs and glued them inside to line the boxes. Done.

All put back together. It adds a fun look to her room.
It took me a couple of hours from start to finish to do all 8 boxes. Super simple. I did use a rotary cutter, which cuts the cutting time alot. But even with scissors, this is a simple, no sew, way to spice up some otherwise boring tubs.
And as always, no shoes required.

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