Thursday, August 30, 2012

Confession #29: Not all 13 feet snakes have to be scary.

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So thanks to a close friend of mine, I acquired a extra thick crib bumper. She didn't want it anymore because the fabric ripped. To some this might have been a reason to throw it out. But to me, it was just another reason to stay up way too late. I knew my daughter would find delight in playing with a 13 foot snake so I ripped the zipper off the zipper from the original cover and looked through my fabric stash for some fun colors.
I sewed a long strip of 19'' wide fabric until I had a little over 13 feet. I made some puffy eyes and a ribbon tongue. I also added some elastic to the tail so it would taper like rattle snakes tail. Finally I sewed the old zipper onto the fabric, sewed the ends shut and zipped the whole thing onto the huge pillow. my daughter loves it! It only took me a few barefoot hours (maybe 5). Here's the result:
A huge 13 foot snake has invaded my home

Liana even let her friend share it with her

I would have used huge buttons but wanted it to be safe for kids of all ages.

Liana playing in the snake circle

Great for naps too

So cuddly

A new meaning to "body pillow"

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