Sunday, September 2, 2012

Confession #30: I just love making ALL things

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I love our local MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) and all the ladies who I have met through it. last year they introduced me to interfacing. I had a blast cutting out fabric and ironing it on onesies for my daughter. I have made a few sense but it's my latest project that I wanted to share with everyone.
It comes with a little back ground info, a few months back my husband and I were off to give blood. However, we found out that I was no longer eligible to donate. This actually came as a relief, not because I am afraid of needles or pain, but because I was actually excited about the diagnosis.
But I needed a cleaver way to tell my loved ones. So this is the reason for this particular interfacing project.
Interfacing is rather easy. All you need is the interfacing, an iron, a pen, fabric of your choice, and something to iron the fabric onto. First I laid out the shirt that I was going to iron the fabric onto and cut rectangles of corresponding fabric out so that all 6 of my rectangles would fit the shirt. 3 on the top and 3 on the bottom. Next you want to iron the fabric to the interfacing (follow the instructions that come with your particular type), Then cut out the letters and iron them onto the shirt. Its literally that simple. I ended up sewing around the letters to add some pretty detail. The whole project took me less than an hour and I was pretty happy  with the result.
And the diagnosis is....

Liana's going to be a big sister!

Liana modeling her new shirt

On the Whidbey Island ferry about to tell her
family about her baby sibling

I haven't taken many pictures of me, but here you can see the over growing belly. I'm around 3 months here.
We are super excited to expand our family. I'm due Feb 20th, I'm a little over 3 months along and already feel like a whale. But in a good way! I can feel him or her kicking more and more and Liana when asked "wheres the baby?" will run over and say "right here" and kiss my belly.
I love making things from toys to clothes, but babies are by far my favorite things to make. You heard it here first! More news to come.


  1. WAHOOOOOO!!!! Cute project ;)

  2. OH YAY!!!!!! So excited for you. Now I understand the disappointment in not a lot of people reading your blog :). Glad I could make it over here to read your exciting news. So very happy and excited for you!