Monday, September 10, 2012

Confession #31: Blocks don't have to be plan

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All Cut out and ready to sew
I came across a felt block from pinterest that was too cute not to repeat. It didn't provide a link so I just looked at the photo and tried my best to copy it.

I cut out 6 3x3 squares of different colored felt. Then cut different shapes, eyes, ears, noses, etc. for each animal face.
Next step was sewing it all together. I hand stitched it all so they took a while. Then sewed the squares together, stuffed them, and sewed them closed. Done! Only took me three evenings to make 9 animals blocks. Animals don't wear shoes either!
They stack up
The tails
Giraffe, Lion, Owl, Fox, Pig, Monkey, Polar Bear, Elephant, and Hippo. I'm thinking of adding some: Mouse, Frog, Panda, Bunny, Penguin, and Dog.

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