Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vanessa It List: August

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Ever since I graduated this past May, I have found myself crafting more than ever (even though I also started working 4 days a week). But I find myself blogging less. I think because it's so nice outside and I don't want to sit at a computer if I don't have to.

But I felt like I should share some of my lasted projects inspired by some wonderful fellow bloggers.

#1 Cloud Pillow by Refabulous
My attempt at a cloud pillow.
I used 100% cotton for the cloud (left over from my daughters training pants) and scrap fabric for the rainbow ties and I stuffed it with fabric and felt scraps too. It was rather simple to do and my daughter enjoys snuggling with it.

Fabric chart all ready for the growing kiddo
#2.  Fabric Growth Chart by The Ribbon Retreat

I used scrap fabric to make a rainbow pattern with my border and used left over fabric from my daughters reading nook for the center. It was a pretty simply, one evening project. Sorry for the poor lighting in the photo!

My version of paperless paper towels
#3 Paperless Paper Towels by Sew A Straight Line
Love these. I used terry cloth and three different patterns of fabric. I made them a little more simple than this blog did, but I still love them.

A pillow makeover

#4 Throw Pillow Covers by myself and Fab House Wife

I actually did this on my own but if you want a pattern, Fab House Wife has a great step by step with photos. The old pillow case was getting old and it wasn't vary soft, so I took Liana to the fabric store and she picked out the birds. They look great on our couch.

6 fish puzzles

#5 Fish Puzzles by Mama Savers
I did this for my felt activity exchange this month. I love how it turned out. Hope everyone I exchanged with does too.

Color wheel pillow (now lives in the reading nook)
#6 Color Wheel by, well, me!
Liana is into learning her colors right now, so to encourage the learning, I made her a color wheel pillow. She can name all the colors on it, even the while. It was a very simple project. Made from felt and stuffed with fabric scraps.

Well, that's all I have been up to. well, that and some more quiet book pages. Liana loves all her new goodies. And I enjoyed making them, bare feet and all.

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