Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Confession #18: Building is not just for boys.

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I found a blog by Ana White on making a reading nook. It seemed so awesome and it had simple instructions. I followed her directions on how to make the frame. The only difference is that I used smaller screws to secure the base. I left like it would crack the wood with the screws that she had me use.

I couldn't find a curtain that I liked at our local thriftstore but I did find a cute duvet cover for less than $2.00. So I cute the cover in half, and hung one side onto the frame. I measured and trimmed and repeated with the other side. I trimmed the cover on all four sides. I also used the leftover trimmings to make the loops at the top. I made them the same way you would make bias tape. I pinned them on top the top of the cover while it was connected to the frame. So that way I knew they were in the right place. I made 6 smaller bias strips for the back. Pinned them and sewed them on.
Finally I threaded them onto the top rod (just like they say to do in the blog). Beautiful! It only took me one evening to do the sewing. And less than that to build the base.
I draped the cover over to measure

Trim all four edges of each side

I made fourteen large loops (bias strips) and 6 thin ones

Making the bias strips

Sewing all the strips on.
All the strips are pinned

Once sewed, thread on all the strips (every other one)

This side done!

The back with 6 ties.

Sharing the nook with friends!

She must have loved it!

And as always I did this barefoot (well, I did ware shoes while I drilled holes in the wood outside). I am so happy with the result of this project. I decided not to staple the bottom like Ana did in her blog. I want to be able to wash the cover if need be. So I made 12 more thing bias strips and tied the cover secure at the bottom. Hope this inspires you to create your own special fort for your child. It was so simple, and fun.
And under $20! You can't beat that!

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