Thursday, June 28, 2012

Confession #27: Training pants are easier to make than you'd think

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My daughter has recently been peeing in the potty. What a big girl! But she doesn't always make it. We use cloth diapers so I knew I wasn't about to go out and buy pull-ups. So I decided to get those training panties that are think. They wanted $8 for 5 of them. Yeah right, I thought. So I bought the regular ones instead. At 6 for $4, it was much more reasonable. I picked up a yard of cotton batting and decided to line the undies by myself. It took for about 30 minutes to cut the cotton and sew all six of them. Didn't I say it was super easy? Cause it was

All you do, it make a templet. I used a paper bag. Then cut out three layers of cotton for each panties.

Then sew the three layers onto each pair of panties. It's really that simple.
They work great. My daughter peed and it didn't even leak.
 And they hold up well in the washer and dryer.
Yet another activity that will save you tons of money (pull-ups are super expensive, or so I've heard). No shoes were worn in the making of these panties.


  1. I love these! Great idea. Thank you! This is circulating around pinterest :-).

  2. My daughter is just about 14 months and I started her on Gerber training underwear today. I have been training her since 2 1/2 months. What size underwear did you buy for your daughter and what age is she? I'm wondering if my little girl's bum will fit in the smallest size sold. :) Also, cotton batting - is that okay against their skin, not itchy at all? I was thinking of using old cotton diapers for lining...

  3. $8 for 5 training pants! Don't know where you were looking but everywhere I look it is about $20-$30 for just one pair!