Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Confession #21: I challenge you to 469 days of facebook (more or less)

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I was on Facebook today and it dawned on me that some of the names that came up on my news feed I haven't talk with in years. Are they really my "friend"? I mean, it's not like I don't like them or anything, but I highly doubt that all of the people on my list of friends (of which I have 469) are reading my random updates or the hundreds of photos I post of my daughter (a day). I wonder how many of them even remember we are friends? I wonder if they all remember who I am? It may seem like a stupid question but my husband and I have traveled (36 countries and counting) and moved (12 times since 2005) a lot and most of our friends come from all over the world. I don't think it is necessary to go through an delete all the people I don't consider "true friends" but something must be done. But what? (read on).
So here is what I have decided to do. I am going to go through my friends list, one person at a time, starting with the first person (Aaron). For each person I will have to come up with something to post of their wall/status/photo. It seems easy enough, but some of these people I haven't interacted with in years, so finding something that doesn't seem weird, might take some thinking. Each day I will pick someone new and if I go a day (gasp) without checking Facebook, I will have to do two the following day to make up for it.
The object of this is to actually interact with everyone of the 469 people who have access to my Facebook profile, photos, and info. But I am also interested to see how many of those people will keep the conversation going. Will they write something back? Or just hit "like"? Or will they not do anything at all? How many of them actually read this blog? Only time will tell...
So, you in? I challenge you to do the same. If they are your "friends" then you should have no problem interacting with them online. Then why am I so nervous?
I am not going to post on everyday. Cause lets be honest, that would be super boring. But I will give you the highlights from time to time.
Wish me luck.
At least I don't need shoes for this.

Update: I just finished writing on the wall of an old classmate from high school. I viewed "our friendship" and I hadn't interacted with him in over 2 years. It was hard to come up with something to say. Finally I settled on commenting on a photo of his daughter eating ice cream on the same bench I used to eat candy from when I was a kid (that's pretty much what I wrote). Smooth right? Or something.

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