Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quick craft fix: Crayon Rolls and Flannel Boards

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I got together with a couple friends the other day. The idea was that our kids play while we do some crafts. Some days are more successful than others. This particular day was great. We managed to finish two crafts. A flannel board and crayon rolls.

1. Flannel Board
Making the board is super easy. Just take an old piece of cardboard (any size) and a piece of flannel that is about 3 inches (on all sides) bigger than the cardboard. Lay the flannel, right side down on a table and place the cardboard on top of it. Heat up a hot glue gun. Glue down the extra fabric. Make sure to pull the fabric tight so it wont sag. You're done with the board. Seriously, you are.
Now for the more time consuming part. You now need to cut out different shapes, animals, people, etc. I always have tons of felt laying around and my friend, Erin, was kind enough to cut out trees, mountains, rivers, flowers, etc for all of our boards. My daughter loves it!

2. Crayon Rolls by Make It and Love It

Erin said she wanted for us to do flannel crayon rolls so I search my pinterest board "She's Crafty" and found a pattern. This pattern is really simple and easy to follow. It took us less than 2 hours to finish three rolls. We used only flannel, which makes sewing really easy. And also makes the product supper sturdy. I love how they turned out.

So if you need a quick craft fix, consider these. Or check out my pins on pinterest for more inspiration. Just remember to kick off your shoes and have fun!