Tuesday, May 29, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: May's 10

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Ripe Green Ideas
1. Tire Toy by Ripe Green Ideas
This is too cute not to re post. It is a tire, cut in half, screwed onto a board and painted. It seems like it would be pretty easy and really cute!

Crafters Hours
2. Old T-shirt to Tank by Crafters Hours
This totally gives a new life to that old t-shirt you have lying in your closet but never wear.

Jonah Lisa Dyer
3. Cork Boats by Jonah Lisa Dyer
I have tons of corks and am always looking for a way to make them into something fun. Here is a great idea to turn them into little boats for the kids. I also did this snake idea recently for a MOPets craft: Cork Snake by Sophie's World

Obsessively Stitching
4. Hula Hoop Tent by Obsessively Stitching
This is an awesome idea. I have been trying to get my hands on some hula hoops for a while now. Now I have another reason why I really want them! This uses an old sheet and 5 old hula hoops. Awesome!

Everything Your Mama
Made and More
5. Jean Apron by Everything Your Mama Made and More
What a cute idea to turn an old pair of jeans into an awesome apron for your little one.

6. Scrabble Magnets by Kinderpendent
I have tons of scrabble tiles in my craft closet, just waiting for a fun idea. This is a great idea for them. I think I might need to wait a bit until my daughter is older and is out of her "eating everything in site" phase.

7. Soda Lid Doll by Lidmen
Step by step instructions (with great photos) on how to make this cute Lidman using old soda caps. What a great recycled toy.

Domestic Candy
8. Tie Snake by Domestic Candy
This is a great use for all those old ugly ties your grandpa insist your husband takes but your husband would never be caught dead in. The snake doesn't care if it has an ugly pattern or not.

Creativity in Progress
9. Egg tea Cups by Creativity in Progress
What a fun way to use all those otherwise useless plastic eggs from Easter.

10. Upcycled t-shirt ideas by Dornob
This website has some really cute ideas for making old t-shirts cute again. I love this one at the top pictured here. But all her ideas are cute.

I love upcycling and recycling. There is a curtain thrill in it. I hope that these inspire you to find something new out of something old. And remember, no shoes required.

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