Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Confession #36: Have an hour? Then you can make these cute pajamas

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The cute rumps
I have always been intimidated by sewing clothes. I feel like I can sew pretty much anything but when it comes to actually making sure it fits on a human being, well that scares the stuffing out of me. But I decided it's about time I actually tried. So I started with the most forgiving, easiest fabric I could think of: fleece. Liana and I went to our local Joann's and I had her pick out three patterns of her choice. Of course they all had animals on them: Turtles, whales and dinosaurs. I also picked up matching solid colors: pink, orange and green. All of which were 50% off. Score! Now, you can totally do this project green by checking out your local thrift stores or using fleece from an old blanket. But I wanted something fast and super cute. So I actually bought new fabric. I know, it felt so weird for me.
Ignore the nose picker! Just look at the cute pj's
The first pair of pants took me forever. But after the third pair I was getting pretty good at it. I timed the third pair: 28 minutes. Not bad, not bad at all.
This is the pattern I used (roughly): From An Igloo
You can imagine how excited I felt the next day when Liana tried them on and they actually fit!
And since you can't have cute pj pants without a cute matching top, I went searching for the perfect top pattern. Of which I never found. But I did use this pattern as a reference: Small Dream Factory
The main reason this pattern didn't work for me, is that it was way too small. It was for a 1-1 1/2 year old and my daughter is two. She is a skinny two, but a two nonetheless. The result: a slightly tight pj top (see whale shirt on the left). And that's after I altered it to make it bigger for her.
Hoping this one holds up so her brother can use it
 So I ended up taking one of her sweatshirts out of her closet and using it to make my pattern. This worked perfectly. See photo to the right! The third shirt I made only took 35 minutes to complete.

Little turtles
And there you have it, a two piece pajama set in a little over an hour. Liana loves them and I love how soft and toasty she it when we snuggle. I did this without shoes, but I have to confess, it's cold, I wore socks.

Don't want to take the time to make these yourself? Let me do it for you. I will be making these to order for $25 a set or $15 each piece. There are dozens of patterns to choose from!

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