Saturday, November 3, 2012

These are a Few of My Favorite Things: Upcycling Sweaters

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I wanted to make my family some new stockings for Christmas so I did a little goggling and checked on Pinterest and found ones made out of old sweaters. I loved that idea, and it inspired me to make more recycled sweater items. Here's the list

Our families stockings
1. Old Sweaters, New Stockings by Imperfect Home
Seriously one of the most simple patterns to follow. All you need is a few sweaters and a sewing machine. It took me about 15 minutes to make three. Still looking for one more sweater for our new addition.

photo by Create and Delegate
2. Leg warmers by Create and Delegate
Kids love these and you will love that they are simple and keep their legs nice and toasty.

Liana's slippers
3. Sweater Slipper pattern 1 by Collecting the Moments
I made Liana a pair of these, the only thing missing is a printable tutorial.

4. Sweater Slipper pattern 2 by Michael Miller Fabrics
This booties pattern has a printable pattern and is nice cause you can make it with any kind of fabric. I used my sweater scraps and it worked great. Also made it months ago with normal fabric and it was nice too.

An assortment of Liana slippers
5. Sweater Slippers pattern 3 by Leafy Tree Top Spot
A really cute design plus printable pattern. I like this one cause the pattern fits size 7/8 instead of just infant feet. She used fleece but I thought it worked great with felted wool sweaters.

6. Infant Hats by Corina Nielson
Her hats are so cute and once I get more sweaters, I will be making more of these.

Liana's winter mittens

7. Hat and Mitten set by One Pearl Button
Made mine out of an old cashmere sweater that I didn't ever wear anymore. Its so soft.

photo by Cut Out and Keep
8. Sweater Boots by Cut Out and Keep
So cute. Haven't tried these yet, but want to

Photo by Thrifty Mama
9. Boot "Socks" by Thrifty Mama
Simple and so stylish

Sweater bookends

10. Owl book ends by me (but check out Green Eyed for instructions)
I love my owl bookends. I free handed them so I found Green Eyed's pattern for you to get an idea of it. I added a bag of sand in each owl to weigh it down.

Elephant taggy
11. Recycled Elephant by me
Like most things I do, I free handed this. Just pick your fabric (for me, a red sweater and some corresponding fabric). You'll also need different colored ribbons. i made myself a template on paper and traced it onto the fabric. Be creative!

Taggy Toy

12. Taggy Blanket by me
I used a broken set of plastic keys (the ring broke), ribbon, and a few squares of an old felted wool sweater. Again, the skies the limit!

Happy Barefoot Sweater Crafting!

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