Monday, October 22, 2012

Confession #35: In order to be in my family you must love puppets

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She kinda gets the idea of it
let the show begin!
Some of my fondest memories growing up involved the puppet show my parents made for my sister and I. It was huge, took over our living room. Since we hardly have any space left in our home, I had to make my daughters puppet stage, much, much smaller. I took the box that one of my daughters birthday presents came in and transformed it into the stage. Not as sturdy as wood, but much easier to make. It took me only an hour or so (plus drying time) from start to finish.
Finally my puppets I made years ago
have a place to call home
First I folded in the top flaps. Then folded in the two sides of the bottom flaps. I used colored duck tape to secure the bottom flap and cut the top flap to make a decorative design. I taped the cut pieces to the back of the top flap to secure it in place.
Showing off her puppets
Next I painted the whole thing (pink, cause that's what I had). I punched two holes on either side to thread a dowel through. Sewed two curtains (Liana picked the fabric from my fabric stash). Grabbed her basket of puppets and let her creativity begin.
Done! And you know, puppet shows are much funner barefoot!

A show by Liana!

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