Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Confession #34: Baby blankets can be super easy

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I wanted to make something special for this new baby growing inside me, and since I made Liana SOOOO many toys, I decided on a baby blanket.
I picked out this fabric before we knew what the sex was, but I find it even more fitting now that we are having a boy. Yep that's right, Liana is super excited for her little brother.
So I decided on a simple blanket that I could get done in one evening. I took two different corresponding fabric (1 yard each) and added trim. This trim I stole off the old cover to the bumper I turned giant snake (click here for a closer look on the snake) and a little bit of orange yarn.

I pined the trim onto the blue fabric and sewed it on. Using four of the ties (originally used to tie the bumper to the crib) on each corner. Then I sewed the blue fabric and animal patterned fabric together (right sides in). leaving a little space to turn it right side out. I hand sewed the hole shut. Added 5 tassels of yarn throughout the blanket to hold the two pieces of fabric together. And, done. Simple, easy and cute. Only took me 2 hours. From the time I cut the fabric to the time I took the last photo. Not to bad for a homemade item.
Now all we need is a cute certain barefooted boy to come play on it.

Liana calls it "my broders blanket."

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