Friday, April 18, 2014

Confession #44: Growing Mushrooms in My Kitchen (On Purpose)

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I LOVE mushrooms. All kinds. I just love them. And since moving to a big city, I love the different varieties you can find in the stores here. But I have always longed to grow them on my own. I recently had the opportunity, something I hope to do time and time again.
Here is my journey into the mushroom world.

First off, mushrooms grow super fast. 10 days to be exact! No wonder it seems like they pop up in your yard over night.

Secondly, they are extremely easy to grow. Once you buy a log, box, or whatever kit you buy there is hardly anything you need to do to maintain the mushrooms. Just a few light mists a day, and your mushrooms will grow happy and healthy. And ready to pick in no time.

I took a picture of my mushrooms every day for 10 days. Sometimes it seemed that they would grow bigger after just a few hours. Crazy! And Fascinating!

Day 1-5
Day 6-10
The last photo is after I clipped the mushrooms. The cool thing about this box is that after I harvested the mushrooms, I got to flip the box over and grow the other side.

The next three photos show my harvest and my dinner!

These mushrooms were fantastic. And knowing I grew them made them all the better. I hope you try your hand at growing something this Spring.

Kick off your shoes and roll up your sleeves. Cheers

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