Friday, June 27, 2014

Confession #45: I have too much food in my house

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After rent, food is the next most expensive...well expense. I like to think I do agood job on keeping a reasonable food budget. We don't eat out, much. I buy seasonal produce. I try to make most things from scratch. But even so, food is expensive. And it's no secret that we are tight on money right now. With my husband back and school and me only nannying. So I'm always looking for ways to cut back.
One such way came to me while looking at what I already had in my kitchen. I always find myself saying "I have nothing to eat" but really when I take a good look at what I do have, I have a lot. In fact when I plugged all the food I already have in my panty to an online recipe site, it said I can make over 16,000 recipes. Granted most of them were desserts but still, impressive.
So here's my self induced challenge: eat what I already have without buying a single processed non parrishable item.

The rules:
I can't buy: bread, non parrishable food, pre processed food, beans, rice, pasta,  junk food, or pretty much anything that is in the inner aisle of a grocery store.
I can buy: fruits, veggies, dairy, meat, eggs, and nuts.
When: now until the end of summer or longer if my pantry isn't empty by than.

I will be posting photos and recipes as I go.
And with all that money savings I'll be able to by some socks for my barefeet!

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