Thursday, January 5, 2012

Confession #8: Even boxes could use a makeover

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Disclaimer: I did not steal those flat rate boxes, they are free at the post office! :)
Part of my everyday attempt to rid my house of plastic I have tried to come up with new ways to make storage bins "pretty." My latest version, which is also the easiest, only uses fabric scraps and a flat rate box from the post office. You can either go to the post office and pick up a whole bunch of flat rate boxes or you can wait until someone sends you something in the mail and use that box. Really any box will do, I have used shoe boxes and even old wine boxes. Once you have the box you want to cover either cut off the lid or fold it back into the box (I like doing this because it make the box stronger).  Be creative on covering it! I used recycled bamboo that was leftover from making nursing pads (see top box with red flowers), and old pair of khaki pants and fabric I got at a church craft fair (blue flower box above), I have also used old jeans (all the other boxes in the photos are lined with jeans). The pattern fabric can come from anywhere also. Most of mine were either from the thirftstore, my clothes (old tees), or freecyle (I  got a huge box of scrap fabric from there). .
 You can also just make the fabric case without the box inside. Just make sure you use a thick liner so that they will stay up on their own. I used thick jeans.

Step by step instructions: You will need a pair of old jeans, scrap fabric (enough to cover the whole box) and a box.
Step 1: Measure your fabric. Measure all sides and cut out 2 long sides, 2 short sides and one bottom in each the jean and scrap fabric. Make them a little longer on one side so that there will be room to fold them over on the top of the box.

 Step 2: Place the fabric (right side down) together and sew all sides to the bottom.

 Step 3: Sew the corners together so your fabric is now box shaped. Place it in your box to make sure it fits. Repeat with jean fabric.

 Step 4: Take out a glue gun or fabric glue and glue the jean outside to the box. Place the fabric liner inside the box and glue it onto the bottom and the top.
You can now either sew the top to give it a finished look, or just leave it. You're done!
Fill it with something fun and enjoy. Another great barefoot craft that make fun, pretty organizers!


  1. LOVE! Ok I want to do these...You should post tutorials on you tube and link back here for people like me!

  2. Hmm. I like that idea. Would I video tape them?