Thursday, January 19, 2012

VANESSA'S IT LIST: 10 children's books every bookshelf should hold

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Each month I will offer my "it list" for your viewing pleasure. Some of the different "It Lists" to come include:
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So kick off your shoes and enjoy "Vanessa's It List"

Ten Children's Books Every Bookshelf Should Hold

Disclaimer: Notice I didn't say "top ten children's books" I want to make it perfectly clear that this is not a top ten. There are far more than ten books that people should have for their children. These are rather a list of ten books that I figure most houses don't have but, in my opinion, should. The unspoken hero's of books. There will be no mention to Goodnight Moon and Guess How Much I Love You in my list. Don't get me wrong, I love those books, but I was always a sucker for the underdog.

Also I am a big fan of small bookstores so you wont find a link to Amazon on this blog. I will however, encourage you to join paper back swap and see if you can't find the books there, for free!

Let the list begin...

#1. Christina Katerina and The Box
Actually this book describes me perfectly. A girl gets a box and turns it into a fort. But instead of trashing the box, she turns it into something else. It is a wonderful story of recycling and using ones imagination. Moral: Imagination is wonderful.

#2: The Wheedle on The Needle or any Serendipity Book
 As you can see I have quite a lot of these books. Written in the 70's by a brother and sister, these books are all about "Full House" endings. Every book has a moral, weather is be loving yourself for who you are or being nice to others, these books will teach your little ones values and entertain them with wonderfully colorful illustration.Morals: Pretty much covers them all!

 #3 Bartholomew and the Oobleck
This is one Dr Seuss book that doesn't get much attention, but it should. It is full of fun tongue twisters that you would expect in a Dr. Seuss book. Bonus: click here to bring the story to life by making your own Oobleck! Moral: Being happy with what you have.
 #4 Ultra-Violet Catastrophe!
Doesn't the title alone make you want to smile? This book is a wonderful tail about how you are never too old to use your imagination and you are never too young to play with your elders. Moral: Embarrassing your imagination at any age.

#5 Katy No-Pocket
Try not to love this book, I dare you! As you can tell by the book's title, this is a story about Katy (who is a kangaroo) who has no pocket. Follow her and her son on an adventure in search of a pocket. Moral: Sometimes our short comings are our best features.

#6 Gregory, the Terrible Eater        Do you have a child in your house who wont eat his veggies? Well imagine a goat who wont eat his trash? Moral: Don't be afraid to try new foods.

#7 The Big Orange Splot               Can you imagine a world were all the houses looked the same? Well if you lived on Mr. Plumbeans street you would. But what would happen if a bird dropped a bucket of paint onto his house? Moral: Don't be afraid to be different. 

#8 Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
Ever wished you were someone or something else? Well, you're not along, Sylvester wished the same thing. Only his wish came true! Moral: There is no better person to be, than yourself.
#9 The Little Old Man Who Could Not Read I struggled with reading allot when I was younger and so this book is near and dear to my heart. It is about a little man who thought he could get through life without learning to read. Moral: The importance of literacy

#10 Lovable Lyle
 If you think crocodiles are scary then you are not alone. But you obviously haven't met Lyle. He is a nice and gentle crocodile. Most people love him...there not everyone.
Moral: Don't believe stereotypes.

                                                                Honorable mentions:
Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs       There's No Such Thing As A Dragon
Read this after loosing a loved one        The power of our words


  1. Oh my. I had forgotten about many of these books. Not many of them grace our shelves but I remember most of them from my childhood. I may have to look some of them up. Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much! Paperback swap, here I come!

  3. These books actually came from my childhood bookshelf. I think the ones that remind us of our childhood are always going to be our favorites.