Monday, February 13, 2012

Confession #14 I can knit and walk at the same time!

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The pig that started it all

So I have been really swamp with midterms this past week but I wanted to check in. When I have time for anything else I have been cooking and knitting. I actually just wrote up a 8 recipe blog posting but was getting frustrated on the format so I decided to take a break from blogging blog.
So this is going to be a short one cause I don't want to have to take a break from it too.
I filled an order the other week (see photo of the pig and rabbit) and wanted to share it with you. Cause this is kinda the inspiration for my newest project. "What is your new project?" you ask Well, I am making puppets. I am knitting them just like I did the little piggy at the top (he's smaller than the rest of them) but instead of stuffing and closing the bottom, I am leaving it open. I also am not doing the legs. So far I have a pig (can you tell they are my favorite animal yet?), a bunny, an owl, and half a doll (I am not quite finished with her). They are turning out really good. I will be posting photos...and maybe, if you're nice, my first pattern giveaway!
Can't wait for the pattern?  Order one from my facebook page Where Pigs Fly. 
Newest animal creations

Sold this one right before Christmas

These four I made while waiting for Liana to hatch

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