Tuesday, February 21, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: Feb's 10

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The Janssens are heading out tomorrow for the Dominican Republic. My husband and I lived there for 8 months teaching English almost two years ago. We are going back to see old friends, show off our baby (I was 20 weeks pregnant when we left) and help out with OCC. Even though the Janssen house is crazy right now I promised you I would do a posting once a month on my favorite recycled crafts, and I didn't want to let you down. So, kick off your shoes (I, that reminds me I still need to pack shoes) and get your craft on.
The Crafty Crow
1. Cork Snake by The Crafty Crow (free)

This was so easy to make and fun for my daughter to play with. I have been collecting corks for many projects and stumbled upon this one a few days ago. I just had to make it. Click on the link above for more great gift ideas you can make your kids.
El Mundo Del Reciclaje
2. Plastic jug turned bucket from El Mundo Del Reciclaje (free)
Ok, the directions for this are in Spanish but the photo pretty much speaks for itself. It was super simple and great for taking to the beach, pool, or just planing with in the back yard.

3. Crayon Holder by Brown Paper Packages ($1, for the crayons)
I found this idea on pinerest through Brown Paper Packages. I don't know if it was her idea or if she just pinned it from someone but there wasn't a link. Either way, it's a great idea! I am bringing crayons on our plane ride and was excited to put them in this case. So simple, but so awesome.

Ana White
4. Reading Nook by Ana White (under $20)
The recycled aspect of this one is that I used an old sheet for the sides. I haven't quite finished mine, but I am super excited about it.

The Crafty Crow
5. Cork Stamps by The Crafty Crow (free)
I love stamps and these are free and easy to make. And my daughter loves using them. This blog also has a whole bunch of other cork craft ideas.

 6. Canning Lid Colors (free, using scrap paper)
I got the idea from Brown Paper Packages but she used frozen juice lids instead of canning lids. I canned alot this summer/fall so I have tons of these lying around. I am glad they were put to good use. The back side of each lid says the name of the color.

7. Crib Makeover by Apartment Therapy (free, using an old crib)

My grandma gave me an old crib (about the size of a bassinet). And when I found this crib makeover on pinterst I knew that I wanted to make it. As soon as I put the crib together Liana grabbed all her dolls and tucked them in. Even though I was planning on making it a desk, I decided that Liana sees it as a doll bed. And it just so happened that her old changing table pad was just the perfect size.

8. The Better Bolder Wipey Holder by Crafty Mama (free, using scrap fabric)
I bought Abby Pecoriello's book Crafty Mama a couple years ago and love it. I have made tons of awesome fast crafts from her book. This one only requires fabric, ribbon, an old wipe box and a glue gun. So easy. I use it to keep Liana's finger nail clippers, brush (in case she needs it sometimes), etc.

9. Egg carton Planter by Tiffany C'de Baca Moncada (free if you can get seeds someone)                                                                          One of the first MOPS meetings I went to was in the Spring. Tifffany showed us how to start seeds in an old egg shell carton. I had never tried that before. The seeds I planted that day turned into the tomatoes and peppers I canned that Summer. If you have never done this before check out Austin Children's Museum website for more info.

10. Glass Jar Terrarium by Craft Zone (free if you already have potting soil)There is an endless possibility of what you can put in your terrarium. They are pretty much free too! I used an old pickle jar, moss and rocks from my yard, and potting soil I already had.

Ok there you have it. I am off to finish packing, see you in March.

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